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Why should our organization use Pee Jay’s Direct as our fundraising partner?
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Pee Jay’s Fresh Fruit has provided fundraising groups with fresh, quality fruit since 1982. With our wealth of experience and expertise, we are proud to announce our newest venture, Pee Jay’s Direct. Pee Jay’s Direct is a revolutionary online fundraising system that provides your supporters 24/7 ordering access via your group’s custom website, while giving the fundraising chairperson 24/7 access to the group’s fundraising progress.

Pee Jay’s Direct will supply your group with your own customizable eCommerce web site so you can service your supporters 24/7, allowing them to order when they want to and pay with a credit or debit card. Your sale is run completely online and the product is shipped direct to your customers, easily extending your fundraiser across the entire country! Your custom Admin Website will give you around the clock access to your group’s sales totals and profit, along with a progress indicator which shows how close you are to reaching your fundraising goal.

Our products are fresh, healthy and perfect for holiday gift giving. Your organization can raise a “healthy” profit by sending fresh, delicious fruit, while your customers narrow down their Holiday Shopping List AND support your organization, all with a few clicks of the mouse!

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How does the sale work?

1. Sign up online or call us at 800-847-6141 to begin your Pee Jay’s Direct Sale.
2. Send us your organization/school logo, pictures, and a list of all of your sellers to receive credit for your sale.
3. Pee Jay’s Direct will create your custom web page and send you a link to your Admin Portal. We will also provide your group with posters to promote your sale.
4. Set a fundraising goal and watch your progress on your Administrator Web Page.
5. Provide your sellers with their e-commerce web page link.
6. Sellers share the link via social networking, email, etc. Traditional methods such as word of mouth and phone calls also work too – any way you can get the word out!
7. Customers order online, give member or group credit and pay with a credit or debit card.
8. All orders will be delivered individually by Pee Jay’s Direct to the address the customer provides on their online order.
9. Your group receives a “healthy” profit – $10 per item sold – your check is mailed 7-10 business days after your sale has ended!

No brochures to distribute… no money to collect…no fruit to sort out…no hassle!

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What are the Benefits of a Pee Jay’s Direct online fundraiser?

• Flexibility for your customer drives higher sales and PROFIT!
• Simple, easy, and convenient for your organization
• No administrative costs or delivery fees
• No trucks to unload
• No knocking on doors / brochures to hand out / money to collect
• Customers extend cross-country instead of within driving distance
• Administrator can set goals and track sales, all online—anywhere you can access the internet
• Customer data is captured for repeat sales
• Great gift idea! Easy and healthy way to cross names off your holiday gift list
• Purchases are made by credit card; customers will spend more when not constrained by cash on hand
• A healthy alternative to candy, pizza, and cookie dough sales

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When is the selling season?

Start selling as early as mid-September up to mid-December – the last day for ordering this year is 12/17/12.

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What is our group’s profit potential?

Your group will earn $10 for each item sold! If your group has 50 members who sell 10 items each, your group will raise $5,000!

Select your number of members from the list below, and see how quickly your organization can earn a HEALTHY profit!

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Is there a minimum order?

Because all orders are shipped individually, there is no minimum order.

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Will our group receive printed sales materials?

Go Green Logo w Oranges FAQsYour Pee Jay’s Direct Sale is run completely online, so other than promotional posters and an informational flyer for the seller, there are no printed materials or brochures for you to distribute. In addition to minimizing the chairperson’s workload, we also are committing to our Go Green initiative and trying to reduce our Carbon Footprint.

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How does delivery work?

Each order is hand-picked and packed by our trained professionals. Unlike many other gift fruit suppliers that outsource their order fulfillment, we hand pack and quality control inspect each item. Each order will then be delivered individually to the shipping address the customer provides on their online order. There are no additional delivery charges or hidden fees! Your customers can select a “deliver by” date, and once their order is placed they will receive a tracking number from our shipper.

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Are there any shipping charges?

Our products are priced to include shipping, so there are no additional shipping charges! Compare Pee Jay’s Direct to other gift fruit companies who add shipping and do not include group profit, and you’ll quickly see that there is no comparison.

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Are there any locations to which you do not ship?

We are unable to deliver to P.O. Boxes, A.P.O or F.P.O. addresses. We ship anywhere in the 48 continental United States with a valid street address – residential or commercial.

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How should I promote and advertise my fruit sale?

Since your sale is conducted completely online, you will want to primarily advertise your sale electronically. We suggest sending emails to everyone in your address book, posting to social media sites (like Twitter and Facebook), uploading details of your sale on your group’s website, etc. We also suggest using more traditional methods like making phone calls and word of mouth. Once you get the word out initially, don’t forget to follow up with a reminder or two!

Be sure to include:

• Alumni Members
• Babysitters
• Clergy
• Clients / Customers
• Co-workers
• Coaches
• Doctors / Dentists
• Employees
• Family Members (Aunts & Uncles, Cousins, Grandparents, Parents, Siblings, etc.)
• Friends
• Mail Carriers
• Neighbors
• Scout Leaders
• Teachers
• Anybody you know!

Pee Jay’s Direct will also provide you with posters that you can display around your school and community.

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What should I do if one of my customers receives damaged product?

Our products are guaranteed fresh! If, for any reason, you (or your gift recipient) are not completely satisfied with your gift, we’ll replace it, exchange it, or offer a full refund or credit. All requests must be submitted to Pee Jay’s Direct within five days of receiving your order.

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When can we expect to receive the profits from our sale?

For each item sold your organization will receive $10 profit! Your custom Admin Website will provide you with access to your group’s sales totals and profits 24/7. At the end of your sale, Pee Jay’s Direct will email you a profit summary confirmation and mail you a check within 7-10 business days!

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Are there any additional charges to our organization?

Pee Jay’s Direct does not have any additional charges or hidden fees for any of our products or services. All of our products are priced to include shipping, and your e-commerce site is provided free of charge.

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Is my information secure?

Pee Jay’s Direct uses Authorize.net/VeriSign to assure that all online transactions are secure. We value your privacy do not distribute anyone’s personal information.

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